Sandy McNabb Campground Alberta Kananaskis Country.

The Sandy McNabb campground is located approximately 25km west of the town of Turner Valley and 15km east of Blue Rock campground. This campground was renovated in 2011 and offers campsites for both tents and larger RV's, dry toilets, water pumps, garbage bins, picnic tables and fire pits. Dry firewood is available here for sale in small bundles. This campground has a few large group camping areas that are nicely set up for larger events. There is also a nearby equestrian campground with several spots including unloading ramps and hitching posts for horses. The Sheep River runs crystal clear and is home to wild Cutthroat Trout, Bull Trout and Rainbow Trout. You'll need a fishing license to try your luck, see regulations for catch and release. Deer, Elk, Bear and Bighorn Sheep are all around this area. Sheep River Falls and Indian Oils is located just west of here and worth the drive. Views of the pools and eddies along the Sheep River are beautiful and very inviting. To bad the water is to cold for swimming. The hike along the Sandy McNabb interpretive trail offers excellent views of the Sheep River. More hikes Here. Night skies here are very dark (#4 on the Bortle Scale). This is Bear country, food and food related items must be stored properly.


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Camp kitchen. Sandy McNabb group camping area.

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