Proper Food Storage and Food Related Items In Bear Country


When camping in bear country, food and food related items must be stored properly by placing them in the trunk of your car, inside your hard wall trailer, motor home or a campground provided storage locker. Never store food or food related items in tents or tent trailers and never leave coolers or food items outside. Several campgrounds provide a hanging truss so food bags can be tied on the end of a rope and hauled high off the ground or locked in bear proof lockers. Always carry 20 Meters of cord to hang your food. You may want to carry your own pad lock for storage lockers.

The animals of concern are Grizzly and Black  Bears. A bears sense of smell is much better than it's vision and they depend on it for their survival. If the wind is blowing in the right direction a bear can smell food several kilometers away. Should a Bear consume human food it will become a nuisance and eventually have to be put down. The actions of one single Individual feeding human food to a bear is likely responsible for it's death.

Food Food Truss
Food Locker Food Truss