Crescent Falls Hike

  Ratings:    Ratings 3 Star
Level: Easy Time/Dist: 1 to 1.5 hours / 6K return Elevation Gain: 85m

Trailhead: Located 3kms off the David Thompson Highway (#11) at the end of the Crescent Falls Campground road. 110kms west of Rocky Mountain House. 4.5 hour drive from Edmonton, 3.5 hours from Calgary. If you're traveling from Calgary, the route through the National Parks is shorter than heading through Rocky Mountain House.

Description: Park in the lot next to a large steel railed view point overlooking the Bighorn River Canyon. From here follow the trail northward following the top of the Bighorn River Canyon. Views of the canyon walls and the gorge below are very nice. About half way to Crescent Falls you will see a smaller located after a sharp U bend in the Bighorn River. You can descend down to this small waterfall however the trail is steep, one short section has an anchored rope to help climb down and back. Continue on the main trail until you reach a viewpoint for Crescent Falls. Views from here are stunning and well worth the effort. Keep going until you reach the Top of Crescent Falls and the main steel railed viewpoint. This main viewpoint hangs over the canyon near the top of Crescent Falls and is a good place to test your fear of heights. Stay clear of the rock ledges around the top of the falls. They are very slippery and people have lost their lives trying to explore them. There is another parking lot located here where most people drive to when viewing the falls however it can be very crowded during the summer months. Crescent Falls gets it name from it's crescent shape.

It was once named Bighorn Falls after the Bighorn River. The sitting bench dedicated to Jimmy Hammond was placed their by his family. Jimmy Hammond was an avid outdoorsman who considered this area to be one of his favorites. There is a day use area located just north of the Crescent Falls parking lot across a bridged creek. Nice place to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Near Here: Local campgrounds include Rampart Creek, Thompson Creek, Two O'clock Creek and Crescent Falls Campground. Trailheads to Alexandra's Henry's Trail, Big Whirlpool, Glacier Lake, Kinglet Lake, Loudan Creek, Icefalls Two O'clock Creek, Sunset Lookout, Owen Creek, Michelle Lakes, Siffleur Falls, Tuff Puff, Two O'clock Ridge, Coral Ridge, Vision Quest, Hoodoo Creek, Allstones Creek, Allstones Lake, Siffleur Falls, are all located near here. You are in bear country.


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Crescent Falls  
Bighorn River Canyon Lookout  
Bighorn River Canyon  
Bighorn River Canyon  
Crescent Falls Parking Lot  
Crescent Falls Lookout  
Crescent Falls Lookout  
Crescent Falls Lookout Crescent Falls Lookout
Crescent Falls Lookout Crescent Falls Lookout
Crescent Falls Crescent Falls
Rope Leading To Second Falls Second Falls
Second Falls  

Bench Plaque