Hoodoo Creek Hike

  Ratings:    Ratings 4 Star
Level: Easy Time/Dist: 2 to 2 hours / 6K return Elevation Gain: 420m

Trailhead: Park at Hoodoo Creek 3kms south of Windy Point just east of David Thompson Resort on the David Thompson Highway (#11). 186kms west of Rocky Mountain House. 4.5 hour drive from Edmonton, 3.5 hours from Calgary. If you're traveling from Calgary the route through the National Parks is shorter than heading through Rocky Mountain House.

Description: Locate the trailhead on the north side of the highway east side of Hoodoo Creek. Continue on the trail as it ascends the creek canyon until you reach the Hoodoos. The Hoodoos and the large boulders resting on top look like they're going to fall at any moment. From here the trail disappears and the hike turns into an easy creek and canyon scramble. Hoodoo Creek runs crystal clear and is very inviting on a hot day. The clear stream pools found amongst the rock slaps are beautiful. As you scramble your way up the canyon you'll see a cave opening on your right. A short quick hike up the scree slope places you in the caves entrance. The cave has a very large cavern with a tunnel leading towards the back wall where it looks like another tunnel extends on higher above. A few old trees have been dragged to this point to use as a ladder.

Near Here: Local campgrounds include Rampart Creek, Thompson Creek, Two O'clock Creek, Dry Haven, Gold Eye Lake, Fish Lake and Crescent Falls Campground. Trailheads to Alexandra's Henry's Trail, Big Whirlpool, Glacier Lake, Kinglet Lake, Loudan Creek, Icefalls Two O'clock Creek, Sunset Lookout, Owen Creek, Siffleur Falls, Tuff Puff, Two O'clock Ridge, Coral Ridge, Vision Quest, Allstones Creek, Allstones Lake, Crescent Falls, Siffleur Falls, are all located near here. You are in bear country.


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Hoodoo Creek, Abraham Lake  
  Hoodoo Creek
Hoodoo's  Hoodoo's 
Hoodoo's  Hoodoo  Creek 
Hoodoo Hoodoo
Hoodoo Hoodoo
Hoodoo Creek Hoodoo Creek
Hoodoo Creek Hoodoo Creek
Hoodoo Creek Coral Fossil
Hoodoo Creek Cave Hoodoo Creek Cave
Hoodoo Creek Cave Hoodoo Creek Cave
Hoodoo Creek Cave Hoodoo Creek Cave
Abraham Lake Hoodoo Creek