Maligne Canyon Hike Jasper National Park.

Maligne Canyon is located in Jasper National Park approximately 10Km north east of the Jasper townsite. This is more of a short walk then a hike but it can be extended if you start at the lowest sixth bridge downstream of the canyon. Follow the Maligne Lake road approximately 2km until you reach the Sixth Bridge parking lot. The hike form here is approximately 7km return or you can keep driving further up the road to the fifth bridge parking lot that is a 4.7km return hike. You can also drive to the top of the canyon and take a short walk to the Maligne Canyon lookouts which is what most of the tourists do. If you want to get out for a short easy hike start at the bottom sixth bridge parking lot. From this point elevation gain is approximately 110m, allow 3 hours return. The trailhead is located across the bridge at the sixth bridge parking lot. Cross this bridge over the Maligne River then turn right onto the Maligne Canyon trail. The trail runs upstream along the Maligne River towards the Canyon. Between the sixth and fifth bridge you will see several interesting underground streams bubble up and join the main river. When you arrive at the fifth bridge stay on your left, keep going straight ahead up the canyon trail. From this point the sharp canyon walls start to form and the trail now has a steel guard rail. Keep working your way up the canyon and cross the lookout bridges 4, 3, 2 and 1. Do not venture of the trail or over the guard rails as a fall into the canyon would be fatal. Maligne Canyon is one of the deepest river canyons found in the Canadian Rockies. The majority of the river runs 32km underground from Medicine Lake to the Athabasca River. Depending on the rivers flow rate sections of the canyon and the river bed can become completely dry. The upper trail and it's 4 bridges offer outstanding views of crystal clear pools that have eroded into the rock, several waterfalls, canyon walls and the canyon bottom. Maligne Canyon's deepest point is approximately 55m. In spots the canyons top opening is only 2m across. During the winter months most of the canyon is a frozen wonderland. trailheads to Opal Hills, Bald Hills, Mount Edith Cavell, Sky Line, Sulphur Skyline, Whistlers Mountain, Horse Shoe Lake and Athabasca Falls are also located in this area. You are in bear country.

Area Map

Local Campground


Sixth Bridge  
Maligne River Underground Spring
Underground Spring Maligne River
  Maligne River looking Back Towards The Fifth Bridge
  Forth Bridge
Top of Maligne Canyon  
First Bridge Near Top of Canyon  
Underground Spring Flowing Into Maligne River  

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