Moraine Lake, Valley of the Ten Peaks. Banff National Park.

Moraine Lake is located 15km south west of the Lake Louise Town site at the end of Moraine Lake Road. This area is referred to as the 'Valley of Ten Peaks' and is absolutely stunning. Many consider Moraine Lake and the surrounding valley to be the best of the Canadian Rockies. At one time a photo of Moraine Lake was printed on the back of a Canadian $20 dollar bill. The Lake itself is a stunning blue green color that is created from glacial silt. I can't think of any color to describe it. Some say turquoise but it's not that color to my eyes. Unfortunately my camera does not show its true color, it's far brighter and brilliant with the naked eye and it changes with sunlight. You can rent a canoe and paddle the entire length of the Lake which I'm sure would be an experience of a life time. Views of the Wenkcemna Peaks, Mount Fay, Mount Bowlen, Mount Allen, Mount Babel and several hanging glaciers are unforgettable. Just a short walk from the parking lot you'll find a nice lookout on top of a natural rock slide that dams the Lake. You'll see lots of artist trying to capture the views from here on canvass. Several must do hikes are located in this area. Trailheads to Consolation Lakes, Larch Valley, Sentinel Pass, Plain of Six Glaciers, Lake Louise Tea House, Mount Temple (Serious Scramble not a Hike), Eiffel Lake, Wenkchemma Pass, Lake Annette, Lake Agnes, Mount Fairview, are all located near here. Lake Louise is also located a few Km's to the north west. Expect very large crowds of people here in the summer months. The nearest campground is the Lake Louise Campground. Moraine Lake Road is not plowed in the winter and is an excellent cross country ski in. Photos below were taken in late June. You are in bear country.

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