Mount Athabasca north Glacier, Jasper National Park.

Mount Athabasca is located near the Columbia Icefields 100Km south of the Jasper townsite and approximately 111K north of Lake Louise. This is an unmarked unofficial trail. The hike to the toe of Mount Athabasca's north Glacier is considered easy with an approximate return distance of 5.6km, total elevation gain of 350m. Park at the lot across from the Columbia Icefields Visitors centre, walk up the paved snow coach road until you reach the climbers parking lot located on the left side of the road. From the climbers parking lot head up a well worn trail towards Mount Athabasca as it climbs steeply through rock and scree. Keep going until the valley ahead levels off, turn left into the valley and follow the scree trails that lead to the toe of the north Glacier. Expect to see alpine mountaineering schools teaching glacier travel on and around the toe of the north glacier. Stay off the ice unless you have mountaineering experience. The ice here is steeper then it looks and without the proper gear or experience you're risking serious injury. On your return trip you can opt to head up the lateral moraine to your right for better views of the Athabasca Glacier, Mount Athabasca and the Silver Horn (horned ridge right of the Mount Athabasca summit). During the summer months you may see climbers descending Mount Athabasca's north face. Trailheads to Parker Ridge, Hilda Ridge, Nigel Pass, Wilcox Pass, Hilda Glacier, Boundary Lake, Weeping Wall, Saskatchewan Glacier and the Castleguard Mountain Alpine Climb are also located in this area. You are in bear country.

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Mount Athabasca.  
Snow Dome Mount Wilcox.
Mount Athabasca. Mount Athabasca.
Mount Athabasca. Mount Wilcox.
  Mount Athabasca north Glacier.
Tiger Rock. Mount Athabasca north Glacier.

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