Mount Temple Scramble, Banff National Park.

Mount Temple (3543 meters) is located 13km south west of the Lake Louise Town site. Summiting Mount Temple is not a hike, it is considered a difficult scramble due to the 16.5km return distance, 1690m (5543 ft) elevation gain and some exposure to falling. Allow 7 to 12 hours return. The SW scramble route leading up to Mount Temple's summit is often referred to as the "Tourist Route", don't let this name fool you into a safe sense of security. More mountaineering accidents have occurred on Mount Temple then any other mountain located in Banff National Park. This scramble requires good route finding skills and basic mountaineering knowledge. The second grey rock band (the crux) requires some exposed climbing. Depending on the conditions and time of year, sections of the route can vary from safe to extremely hazardous. You'll need mountaineering skills to determine the routes condition and necessary gear. Another option is to hire a local guide. My main concerns would be summit ice and bad weather or whiteout conditions on the descent. It's a long way down with several cliff bands along the way. If you're not confident in the weather you should plan your ascent for another day. It's interesting to note the 'Alpine Club of Canada' suggests not descending in case of a whiteout and to carry overnight clothing. A helmet is an absolute must. Rock fall from the crowds of people that may be moving above you has become a serious hazard. I estimated around 100 people we're on this route when I went up on a clear day in early September. I counted over  20 people on the summit at any given time. On the way up, near the crux, I passed individuals that were wearing runners and t-shirts and carrying nothing, not even water. Is it just me, or is that fool hardy attitude an insult to the mountain and those who respect it? The trailhead is located at the Moraine Lake parking lot. To avoid Grizzly encounters, Parks Canada has a mandatory 'hiking in groups of 4 or more' required to Larch Valley. Work your way up what seems like an endless amount of switch backs towards Sentinel Pass. Once you arrive at the meadows, poke your way around hoards of tourists as you pass a beautiful tarn lake located at the base of Pinnacle Mountain. Keep going up the last few switchbacks to the saddle of Sentinel Pass. At this point, the scramble up the southwest ridge to the summit of Mount Temple begins. Check out this Banff National Park Mount Temple Route Description for more information, this is the best description I have found. Print it and take it with you if you're planning to go up. Remember to stay left on the summit ridge avoiding the urge to look over the snow cornices. Once you summit, you'll be rewarded with outstanding views of the surrounding mountains and the lush valleys way, way, way down below you. WOW...You'll see Mount Lefroy, Mount Aberdeen Mount Victoria, Pinnacle Mountain, Mount Hungabee, Deltaform, Mount Fay, Wenkchemma Glacier, Mount Hector and on and on. Trailheads to Consolation Lakes, Paradise ValleyPlain of Six Glaciers, Lake Louise Tea House, Eiffel Lake, Wenkchemma Pass, Lake Annette, Lake Agnes, Mount Fairview, are all located near here. Lake Louise is also located a few Km's to the west. The nearest campground is the Lake Louise Campground. Moraine Lake Road is not plowed in the winter and is an excellent cross country ski in. Photos below were taken in early September.  You are in bear country.

Area Map

Local Campground Banff National Park Scramblers Guide To Mount Temple in PDF

southwest face Mount Temple, late June. All Pictures below, early September.  
Banff National Park Scramblers Guide To Mount Temple in PDF Mandatory 4 person group access
  Larch Valley and Tarn Lake below Mount Pinnacle
Larch Valley Switchbacks up to Sentinel Pass
Larch Valley Larch Valley
Bivouac located at Sentinel Pass. Larch Valley
Pinnacle Mountain Pinnacle Mountain and Mount Lefroy
Base of Mount Hungabee Mount Temple Cliff Bands
Larch Valley Larch Valley
Larch Valley Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley and Hungabee Mountain Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria
Paradise Valley and Mount Aberdeen Paradise Valley and Mount Lefroy
Paradise Valley Mount Temple Summit Ridge
Mount Temple Summit Mount Temple Summit Cornice
Bow Valley looking southeast Paradise Valley, Hungabee Mountain, Mount Lefroy
Mount Temple northeast Ridge Summit of Mount Temple looking north
Consolation Lakes and Moraine Lake from Summit Consolation Lakes and Moraine Lake from Summit
Consolation Lakes Mount Fay and the Wenkchemna Glacier
Paradise Valley and Hungabee Mountain Paradise Valley, Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria
Paradise Valley Bow Valley north
Mount Temple Summit Ridge Mount Temple Summit Ridge
Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria Mount Aberdeen
Summit Cornice Mount Temple Consolation Lakes
Bow Valley looking south east Consolation Lakes from Mount Temple Summit
Consolation Lakes and Moraine Lake Summit Ridge
Moraine Lake and Summit Ridge Consolation Lakes and Bow Valley

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