Nihahi Ridge Hike Alberta Kananaskis Country.

Nihahi Ridge is considered a moderate hike and is located 40 minutes west of the City of Calgary near the Little Elbow Campground. Elevation gain to the summit is approximately 370 Meters with an approximate return distance of 7.5km's. Allow 3.5 hours for a return trip. The trailhead is located  a short distance west of the Little Elbow Campground off the Elbow Loop Trail. You can park at Nihahi Pond then hike up the Little Elbow Campground gravel road. Follow the road along the Elbow River to end of the campground passing the road barrier until you see a trail sign and trailhead on your right. Start hiking up the Nihahi Ridge trail through a spruce and fir forest. In a short distance you will start to see the surrounding meadows that are covered in wildflowers and spectacular views of the valley below. Work your way up past a cable railed bluff then up the scree slope until you reach the ridge end buttress. At this point you can catch your breath and take in the views. This is as far as most people go however you can keep going further up the ridge if you don't mind a short steep section that requires your hands and feet to climb. Follow the trail along the right side of the ridge until you reach a short steep rock face that is always wet. Scramble up this section then continue on up to the top of the ridge. Once you arrive you will not be disappointed. Views of Moose Mountain, Prairie Mountain, Powder Face Ridge, Mount Glasgow, Mount Cornwall, Outlaw Peak, Banded Peak and Mount Romulus are stunning. Goose Berry campground, Little Elbow, Beaver Flat campground, Paddy's Flat campground, Powder Face Trail, Moose Mountain, Moose Mountain Ice Cave, Forget Me Not Ridge, Elbow Falls, Elbow Loop and Nihahi Pond day use picnic area are located just west and east of here.

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