Silverton Falls, Banff National Park.

Silverton Falls is located near the Castle Junction on the Bow Valley Parkway 31K west of Banff. The trailhead is located at the east side of the Rockbound Lake paved parking lot, a short distance SE of the Castle Junction highway intersection. This is more of an easy walk then a hike with a total elevation gain of 87M, 1.4K return trip. Silverton Falls trail, branches off the Rockbound Lake trail 300m from the Rockbound Lake parking lot. Once you reach the trail intersection to Silverton Falls, turn right and continue on another 0.6K. The trail follows Silverton Creek to the Silverton Falls view point. Silverton Falls is approximately 50m high and was named after a nearby mining town called Silverton. The town itself was short lived and disappeared in 1883. Surprisingly, this walk is somewhat forgotten and not crowded with the hoards of tourist found at nearby Johnston Canyon. I had the waterfall all to myself on a sunny late afternoon in early August. I'm sure this would be a beautiful frozen waterfall during the winter months. Nearby campgrounds include Johnston Canyon, Protection Mountain, Castle Mountain, Lake Louise. Hikes to Rockbound Lake, Johnston Canyon, Boom Lake, Bourgeau Lake, Twin Lakes, Arnica Lake, Taylor Lake, O'Brien Lake, Consolation Lakes, Moraine Lake, Mount Temple (Scramble), Plain of Six Glaciers and Sentinel Pass are also located near here.

You are in bear country.

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