Weeping Wall, Banff National Park.

Weeping Wall Water Fall is located next to the Jasper Park Highway 119m South of the Town of Jasper and approximately 94K North of Lake Louise. There is small parking lot on the West side of the highway along the North Saskatchewan River where you can view the falls from. Weeping Wall is absolutely beautiful in the winter when it is frozen. This frozen water fall is fed by a spring higher up on the mountain that never stops. The entire cliff face continually freezes into a beautiful blue wall of ice. It is considered one of the best Ice climbs in the world. During the winter months you can view ice climbers climbing the various routes on the frozen ice walls. Weeping Wall stays frozen late into the spring due to it's canyon location that lacks sunlight. The initial cliff and water fall is only 1/3 of the mountains elevation. There are several benches and more falls located higher above out of sight from the viewing area. The  Saskatchewan Glacier, Nigel Pass, Wilcox Pass, Parker Ridge, Hilda Ridge, Hilda Glacier, Boundary Lake hikes and Castleguard Mountain Alpine Climb are located near here.





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