Buffalo Paddock Lookout

  Ratings:    Ratings 4 Star
Level: Easy Time/Dist: 1 hour / .5K return Elevation Gain: 50m

Trailhead: Buffalo Paddock is located a few km's northwest of the Waterton National Park gates next to the Pincher Creek highway.

Description: The paddock consists of a fairly large scenic grassy area containing a one way loop that you complete in your vehicle. This is an excellent spot to view live buffalo. Bikes, horses and pedestrians are not allowed. I would not get out of your car if Buffalo are near you. Careless individuals have been severely hurt by these animals. There is a safe lookout located a short walk from the entrance parking area, however you'll need binoculars to view the Buffalo below. This short walk is well worth the effort, views of the surrounding valley and mountains are outstanding. It's interesting to note that these hills and valleys we're once home to wild Buffalo and the hunting grounds for the local natives. During the 1700's buffalo (Bison) were believed to be numbered in the tens of millions. Early observations described their migration like a moving sea on the prairies. Today Buffalo are no longer near extinction. It is estimated there are 500,000 to 600,000 buffalo located throughout the world.

Near Here: Local campgrounds include Bertha Lake back country campground shown in photos below, Alderson Lake back country campground, Crandell, Waterton Town Site and Belly River. Trailheads to Akamina Ridge, Buffalo Paddock, Blackiston Falls, Crandell Lake, Crypt Lake, Carthew Alderson, Cameron Lake, Forum Lake, Goat Haunt Waterton Lake, Goat Lake, Lineham Falls, Lineham Ridge, Red Rock Canyon, Rowe Lakes and Wall Lake are also located in this area. You are in bear country.

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Buffalo Paddock Waterton
Buffalo Paddock Waterton Buffalo Paddock Waterton
Lookout The Buffalo Paddock
Buffalo Paddock Waterton Buffalo Paddock Waterton
Buffalow Paddock Lookout Buffalo
Buffalo Paddock Waterton Buffalo Paddock Waterton
View Towards Waterton National Park