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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • We took this hike while camping at the Point backcountry campground in late July 2018. It''s an easy hike of maybe 4-5km from the campground. The turnoff for hidden lake was hard to find (we passed it at first) but with the help of the GPS we backtracked and finally found it. There is a pink ribbon tied to a tree at the turnoff from the Upper Lakes hiking trail. We were fortunate as the lake was full of water at this time of the year. It is a beautiful spot to picnic and take an afternoon break from the sun. We traversed around the to the back side of the lake where the little waterfall was spewing out water from the glacier in the mountain from far above. Although it is obviously a glacial lake it was warm enough to take a quick dip in the cool waters. We only saw a couple other people out there that afternoon. What a beautiful secluded spot to go explore!
  • A long uneven path most of the route. An unofficial rock has been scratched with the name hidden lake.
  • Its an easy hike but the lake was empty October 2015, it made for an easy walk on the shore though.
  • It is good when the lake isn''t full, so you can walk around the edge instead of in the woods.
  • I have hiked Lake Rawson and many other trails in the area. I love Kananaskis. Hidden lake was just that, Hidden... It was starting to blow snow that day. (sept 10th) So we had to turn back as the trail head was frightfully hard to find... Still the stunning view from the shores of Lake Kananaskis make the trip very lovely.
  • This trail can be quite muddy in spots at certain times of year and it is a popular trail and can be busy

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