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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Our hiking group got an early start at 9:30 which was a brisk and windy 10 degrees. It was perfect as we had the alpine meadow without the later crowds. The mid July blooms were spectacular.
  • Hi, Very informative site, thanks. Your photo is a blue grouse, not a ptarmigan.
  • Like the description says; hike early to avoid the crowds. Otherwise, this is a fantastic way to get above treeline in a hurry. We always scope out the trail with binoculars from the parking lot, as this is a Grizzly hotspot, and we have been forced to hike elsewhere more than once after spotting one of the local silverbacks digging up Glacier Lily bulbs right beside the trail! A longer hike on the west side of the parking lot to either Grizzly Col or Pocaterra Ridge are good alternatives. Best done in fall when the Larch trees turn golden.
  • World class view
  • Great accessibility for alpine ecosystem! Beautiful area but a thunder storm hastened our return. Will go back for more fossil hunting!
  • Great site & pictures but sorry to say: your Ptarmigan in the photos are actually Spruce Grouse!
  • Easy hike but if you want to make it wothwhile and do not mind a good scramble go all the way up to the top of Mount Rae at 10,500 feet,tough climb but well worth it.

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