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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Steep at times on a scree slope, the ridge offers wonderful 360 degree views.
  • Steep and rocky but worth it for the views at the top first summit. You can also choose to hike further to the second summit which is easier but worth it!
  • Steep but rewarding. Views start early. Went Nov 13/17. Trail is hidden by drifting snow at top.
  • When the trail turns ''southwest'' take a left on a horse trail; NOT southeast as stated in the route description.
  • Never can find the trail to the mountain, except you have to walk through the elbow river
  • Hard hike
  • Tough to find the trailhead since the flood, but this hike has amazing views, especially on a clear day.
  • The maps are terrible! We thought we''d see it on one of the maps, but couldn''t find it.
  • A great hike , quite steep and a good work out. Also very close to Calgary, good view from top .
  • Nice schoulder season hike.
  • It can take a while if you are not used to the altitude. The trail is good, but be careful on the scree as it is a little loose. The views are spectacular at the top.
  • Fairly easy hike although there is a fair amount of uphill work but a great view at the top ,can be windy.

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