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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • 4.5 hours from edmonton? 310 km drive 70 km/h??? shouldn''t even take 3 hours
  • It is very busy in the summer. Best done in late fall.
  • It''s not for the faint of heart. There are several areas of loose shale and seep rises
  • Just visited for my first time this past weekend. It was a tough uphill climb but only took us 2 hours to get to the top so it''s definitely doable. Trail is marked out extremely well. Beautiful lake, just a shame that some people leave behind garbage. I packed out a ziploc full of tin foil that was left behind from the last people to use the site. Hike down went fast, did it in just over an hour. Great place but due to traffic and low amounts of deadfall I likely will be shopping around for my next overnight hike.
  • It was a great hike yesterday, but dont bring your fishing rod as the lake is still frozen solid!. lol
  • Rather steep climb but great views and experience. If you visit in early summer you can see the ice still on the lake.
  • Hiked there on sunny Oct 18, 2015. Beautiful spot. Let''s keep it that way by Leaving no Trace (and by removing traces left by others...).
  • I had so much fun! And great views!
  • Hiked with my 15 year old son on a beautiful sunny day. Great views on the way up and around the lake. We ate lunch walked part way around the lake and took lots of photos. We were Disappointed to see all the fire pits and garbage in some of them as well as the cut down trees and .22 bullet holes in the washroom sign.
  • Great for fishing.
  • Best mountain.
  • It is an amazing hike.
  • An amazing view of surrounding mountains and landscape. The lake is simply sublime! The location of the lake gave me striking vibes of gratitude and awareness of nature that I didn''t get in such a way from other hikes. Do yourself a favor and hike to All Stones Lake!
  • Great hike definitely a work out!
  • You need to be physically fit. It''s a very challenging albeit very rewarding hike when or if you reach the top.
  • Good workout for the calves; beautiful sights!!!
  • I found it very good, a little scary climbing large rock slide and scaleing a goat trail way at the top.. but the end was worth it and the views along the way were stunning.
  • Great scenery and fishing.
  • Steep but worth it!
  • This is my first over night hike and I had a blast. Definitely a little challenging at times you sure know where you went wrong this trail will teach you fast but you will complete it! It is definitely very worth it and great first time challenge I would definitely do this again!! Have fun on your journey:)
  • I would have rated this hike higher if it were not for the mess left behind by others. It''s hard to believe some people would actually do this to such a beautiful spot.

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