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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Great easy hike for all!!!
  • Couldn''t find the falls site. No signage on highway!!
  • Done it 2 times over the years and doing it again this summer!
  • Great beginner hike
  • Easy hike and gorgeous scenery!
  • Super easy chill walk with lots of awesome view points
  • Lovely beginner/family walk.
  • You should update your page though as the campspot at the 3 set of falls was closed down last year due to the damages after the flooding.
  • Have been to the first falls many times, but, this year we made it to the third falls... A beautiful day even with the rain. Would do it again, would not be a good place for small kids tho.
  • Short and sweet. Definitely dangerous for the risk takers. Perfectly safe if you''ve got no inclination to do anything stupid. Great family hike. I''d say it''s an easy hike.
  • Very easy hike, some sketchy parts but they are easily navigable. Beautiful scenery and wildlife.
  • A great hike for all ages. The trail follows the Siffleur River upstream with beautiful views of the river canyon and the surrounding mountain peaks.
  • Go different times throughout the year you see something new every time.
  • Viewing platforms are brilliant!!!!
  • Not very scenic..
  • Not well marked at all, ended up hiking way longer than anticipated and still didn''t see any falls.
  • Awesome will go back to finish. raining today
  • Did the hike today (Aug 25/13... Although everyone says they are closed, you can still do the hike. Only the bridge across Siffleur river has a bit of damage. If you can climb straight up 1 meter, you can get on the bridge and go.
  • There are trees across areas of the path, from windfall and need to be cleaned up.
  • The view and scenery was amazing. It''s a beautiful sight to see, breathing in what the nature has to offer us. You won''t see anything like it anywhere else. I definitely reccomand this hike. the falls is amazing and up close beautiful. it''s breath taking what you get to see, it''s a once in a life time choice
  • The trail to the first falls was good, and viewing platforms were great. Definitely some awesome scenery!! Beyond this though, trails were unmarked, especially for the second and third falls, as well as other trails. There was also quite a lack of map detail: showing where the falls really are, and trails to get there. This makes for a confusing hike, especially when out there for the first time
  • Love the viewing platforms!!!!

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