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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Just keeps going up! The views are worth it!
  • Continue on the ridge !
  • I have climbed this mountain a number of times in different seasons. In winter sometimes snowshoes are required at higher elevation. The easiest time is without snow. The actual summit can be attained by climbing the rock face at the west end of the ridge; it looks tough, but is really simple and can be done without equipment, although it may not be safe to do so when the wind speed is high.
  • Love it. Like being on top of the world.
  • fuck obama
  • Beautiful views all around and not a busy hike. Didn''t see any other person on the hike and it was on a weekend. Found some tie off points for rock climbing on the Buckel area of the hike. The descent was interesting as there was lots of loose rock on top of hard stone. Overall I enjoyed the hike and look forward to trying it again with better shoes...
  • Great hike. Very steep but worth every step. Hiked it with my 15 year old son reaching the ridge in 90 minutes but found the footing quite tricky. We weren''t always sure we were on the actual trail.
  • We spent 7 hrs on the hike. My 60 years old Dad lead the expedition 5 men left and 4 of us conquered the hill. Stunning experience the Ravens showed off all day gathering food and riding the wind tunnel along the ridge. J.C Zolorycki
  • Amazing hike one of the best in recent memory, very satisfying well worth the work

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