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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • I stumbled on this by accident last year and plan on returning this year. The hike was fantastic gorgeous views and just the right amount of difficulty. I absolutely recommend this
  • Got to do this one on September 18, 2017. Very last day of the season with a 2 O''clock need a bit of luck at times. We really enjoyed this hike once we got off the paved section away from the crowd. The vistas were spectacular for such a relatively short hike. Trail was well maintained and well marked making it easy for even the novice hiker to enjoy. Another gem in the Canadian Rockies...our back yard...your play ground.
  • Label each photo where specifically taken. Helps to make decisions of whether or not to take the "extra" hike.
  • June 20th, 2017, several km of the wooded part of the return trail is occulted with fallen/shoved trees from an avalanche, requires alot of zigzagging through brush. could use trail maitenence. besides that, fun hike, great technichal peaks.
  • Steep
  • I saw ghosts,and I would feel a cold breeze every hour.
  • Brilliant for your legs and lots to see.
  • It was a very enjoyable hike with magnificent views. We adored it.
  • That was so so bad bad
  • A great hike next to a magnificent mountain.
  • Great hike! I didn''t go completely to the top, since there was 20 cm of snow (22 August). But is a relatively easy hike.
  • Hike & enjoyed the breathtaking nature. Mt. Edith Cavell is a must-see & must-do place on earth!
  • Climb to the top was very worthwhile as the scenery was truly breath taking.
  • Hiked to the summit - well worth it for the amazing views and to escape the crowds. Saw marmot, pikas, ptarmagin.
  • Really worths it to make it to the top. Otherwise you have pretty much the same view all day.
  • The glacier and pool are phenomenal. Not hard - just too many people. If it was more isolated it would rate an "excellent"
  • I''ve been on many hikes in the Jasper area, and this is truly one of the best.
  • Wow, vey nice indeed.

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