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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Breathtaking and mindblowing!
  • The views are absolutely stunning
  • Not as bad as made out to be a long steady climb except for the last bit is steeper. At 60 I made it from the parking lot to the top in one hour and forty minutes taking breaks along the way
  • Refreshing, exhilirating, but also a good work out
  • We were underprepared for hail and downpour rain when it was 26 degrees standing in the parking lot. I guess that''s what you get for being naive in the mountains. Overall a totally worth it.
  • Expect to be walking/hiking uphill throughout the hike. Good views through breaks in the trees. Most people stop once they reach just above the tree line and miss out on the best views. Once at the summit, beautiful vistas all the way around. Very worth the hike if you make it to the top. Trail is very crowded but don''t let that stop you.
  • Loved the hike up and down.
  • Amazing Views.
  • We happened upon it by accident during our visit from Oz in aug-oct 2012. We thought we were just taking a casual stroll to the Miette hot springs source, but took the wrong turn. It was snowy up the top and absolutely beautiful. A joyous error in signpost reading :-) Gorgeous. A decent hike, especially when neither geared up for it nor expecting it, but truly one of our highlights! :-)
  • A good trek up but well worth the views on a fine day. I''ve been during miserable weather - sleet and wind - and not as much fun.
  • Took pictures and video. Talked with others that were there, ate lunch and rested. Enjoyed the fact that there were no mosquitoes at this elevation.
  • Challenging hike with the continous incline but so worth the view when you reached the summitt. Beyond breathtaking!!

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