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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • One of the most beautiful places in the Canadian Rockies.
  • Great views - meadow is fabulous - trail is well established. Parking is good if you get there early.
  • Bit of a climb but worth it at the top. A very satisfying hike.
  • You''re wrong - this IS the best hike, bar none.
  • So pretty.
  • Moderate trail with some short little steep narrow switch backs before reaching meadows. Groups of family with small kids, dogs, and you might encounter some rangers on horse sharing the trail. Gets little windy passed tree line but the lake is not so far where you can relax and rest a while avoiding straight wind. Very nice half day hike.
  • Fabulous views. Remember to pack well ie. rain jacket, mitts as you are at the level of the snow even on the July long weekend.
  • Great veiw great workout
  • Incredibly beautiful and easy to boot. Good for just about any ability.
  • I left my sunglasses on the grass by the trees to the left of the outhouses in the parking lot aug 13 2013. If you happen to find them and are from Calgary AND are willing to arrange drop off coukd you please be so kimd and send me an email at I know, I know, asking a lot.
  • Amazing views of Bow Lake, pretty Alpine flowers and pines. Bit muddy in places, hiking poles great help. Would recommend. Views of surrounding mountains and Crowdoots Glacier are simply beautiful
  • Aside from the nasty trail-braiding from the thousands of footsteps left on the fragile terrain every year, this is a remarkable hike with good scenery, and wildlife like Hoary Marmots abound. We once saw two large silver-backed Grizzlies across the creek valley digging for a ground squirrel lunch. Best done in early morning.
  • It is a very spectacular place.
  • Mostly frozen, seen nice grizzly
  • Gorgeous views all the way along the trail. Beautiful meadows as well.

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