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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Fantastic tour with great view on the top. The part from the Helen Lake to the peak is a little bit exhausting but okay!
  • It was great.
  • The scramble up the peak is on loose scree, which makes it very tiring.
  • Don''t let someone fool you into thinking it''s easy when you''re a novice hiker. Still proud that I did it, but felt stupid that I had zero gear.
  • The scramble to the peak was ridiculously challenging as not only was the incline intense, but the scree made it really difficult to maintain your balance. Good hiking gear and poles are 100% helpful. Great views from the top though! I doubt that I will do this hike again but it was worth the pain.
  • Awesome...saw a grizzly bear and several marmots and also some animals that we believe were chipmunks. The views were mesmerizing.
  • We hiked to the peak of Cirque in ''04 & ''08; both were fantastic, but in the ''08 summit the visibility was over 100 km''s. Too much trail braiding on the trail to Helen Lake from the inconsiderate hikers that don''t want to get their footwear "muddy", however.
  • Wow....Views are incredible. Be carefull of the wind in this pass.

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