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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • A satisfying challenge for novice but fit hikers. Some beautiful views and some forest scenes. Bring water or a good filter system. Some fairly steep sections.
  • Transcription 1966 Aug 15/1928/Topographical Survey/MGF Bridgland D-S/H.G. Ennis/ ? Packer/ I... Frew/K... Betts/---/---/---/ Major Cook"
  • Loved it! Worth every step!
  • A long walk but a good trail. A couple of great viewpoints in first 2 miles, then thru the woods until the lake.
  • I was a beginner level hiker then, when I hiked this trail, so quite a difficult for me, but at the end the trail the view of Glacier lake and mountains are way more worth to do the hike. I would recommend everyone to do this hike.
  • Excellent weekend in the bush.
  • Hiked this in Aug. 2016. Trail is relatively easy, pretty steady elevation gain with only a couple steeper areas. There is some nice scenery however views are very limited on the hike in as the forest is very thick. I didn''t make it to the glacier, just the end of the lake as time was running short for daylight. Plus, once I got to the end of the lake, it''s very marshy up towards the glacier. As I didn''t have time to look for away around the valley for better ground I just admired it from afar. Loved being able to have a fire just wish assholes would quit thinking it okay to burn metal cans and leave them, I hauled them out for the assholes.
  • Its up hill both ways. 200m to top of ridge, 200m down to lake. no views from howse river to lake,just trees. very windy at lake when I was there.. If you like lakes you will enjoy it. I did it as a day hike and probably would have liked it better if I would have camped there for a bit.
  • I packed in nearly fifty years ago and crossed the river on a ''bridge'' made from a large log flattened on top !; I still cringe with fear even now ! --- but I guess there is now a proper bridge. I found a log hut, no door, on the left side of the lake as I approached it. On the opposite side of the lake was an glacier which spawned small icebergs on to the lake. Very enchanting. I can visualise it now. Clem
  • Snow just killed us, but a great hike!
  • A long walk, but not very strenuous. There is evidence of early travellers, so it''s interesting to think of people making the trek and not knowing what they''d find.

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