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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • It was a lovely hike
  • I believe the location of the trailhead given on the website as 186 km west of Rocky Mountain House is not correct. That is closer to the distance from Red Deer. And the Allstones Lake trailhead is east of the Hoodoo Creek trailhead, so the distances cannot be correct. Since the Hoodoo Creek trailhead is not marked with any sign, a correct distance would be helpful.
  • Loved it, will return again and again.
  • Easy hike but the trail is up the creek bed all the way, so it is on loose rock. Didn''t find the cave but there is a waterfall at the end of the trail that is amazing. Note- Hoodoo Creek itself isn''t marked and from the highway looked like a washout. There was no creek until you got further up. Overall, a nice day hike.
  • A great challenge for the beginner. I backpacked past the Hoodoos as far to the right up the canyon at the top of the treeline, made camp in the very top group of trees, and stayed for the night! It was uncomfortable, cold, and windy, but I''d do it again in a heartbeat. Great view from the top.

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