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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Worth the trip.
  • Beautiful trip could be flagged better
  • When I climbed up the chain and over looked the lake it took my breath away. Such incredible beauty. I wished I had camping gear and could have stayed a while. I got a little cocky on the downhill ride and took a spill. Was a fantastic trip. Hope to do it again soon.
  • The bike in wasn''t too bad. Very muddy spots though. Make sure to look for the log arrow when you are getting close to the falls. We ended up stepping over the log arrow and taking the lower route then had to backtrack to get to the upper route. There''s no easy passage on the lower route. Was super windy the weekend we were there.
  • Great bike and hike this past weekend. Bikes not very useful on the way in, but sure save a ton of time on the way out. Conditions were very windy and woke up to snow on Sunday morning. Not great for fishing but the views are fantastic.
  • Rocky mountain high
  • Biked it once, gave that up and hiked a number of times. To me this is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.
  • Just did this hike in July 2014. Couple things to note...1. Shortly after crossing the highwood river, when you take the "carnarvon logging road" to the left, you will cross McPhail creek (much smaller and easy.) Continue on, you will reach a grassy clearing with another fork...go right (uphill). There is NO marker. It''s very uphill to the end of the treeline, where you will start to descent to the scree towards the waterfall. The flood from last year caused two new rockslides. The first right at where you need to turn right to get to the path higher up along the scree. This path leads to the upper part of the waterfall. We missed it and ended up having a slippy scramble up very loose rocks! The second new rock slide is right in front of the chains! So you do need to either very carefully climb between the waterfall and rocks, or (as we did), cross the waterfall to the left, go up a bit, and crossed it again back to the right side where the chains were. Absolutely one of the best hikes there, but the landscape has changed a bit from the flood, still accessible, but previous guides may not be as accurate as before..
  • Got lost and never actually found the lake, however, the aarea was great and we reached a nice summit and had a really nice long day hike. Saw a cub, which was terrifying but cool nonetheless, plan to try this hike again in the summer. Hopefully we manage to find the lake! if no oh well haha

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