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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Beautiful, intermittently challenging
  • Easy, pleasant day hike. The return was not harder than the ascent.
  • WOW.
  • I enjoyed this hike. Went out alone really early on a Sunday morning. Hit the trail at about 630am and was the only one in the parking lot and had the trail to myself. Was peaceful walking through the first portion through the trees. Above the tree line it got really windy and cold and had to put on a torque and gloves. The final assent was quite ice covered still and without proper gear was forced to scramble around the ice on the rocks. Summited at about 830am and had a brief chat with the fire ranger. Was beautiful views from the summit and then made my way down. The descent was quite easy until you reach the final 1km or so which is all uphill. After a long hike I found the final uphill portion to be a killer and had to stop a couple times to catch my breath. Ran into tons of people making their way up while I was going down. When I made it back to my car at about 1030 the parking lot was packed. If doing this trail on a weekend I would recommend getting there nice and early to get parking.
  • Great hike. Amazing views and worth the effort to get there!
  • Great easy climb, with great views!
  • Fairly easy grade and fairly easy hike with excellant 360 degrees views to the Rockies in the west and Cagary and the prairies to the east.
  • When I was in the army 1966 my platoon climbed the back of moose.I was elated when I got to the top .Calgary was very clear on the Eastern side.It was such a wonderful challenge,that is still clear in my mind.MOOSE ,the only mountain I ever climbed
  • Not very difficult for most of the way but the final climb to the lookout is quite strenuous and be careful if you take a dog as the rocks can be very sharp and cut their paws. Great view at the lookout
  • Wow..the views are outstanding.

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