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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Scenic but well worth the elevation walk.
  • it was shitass motha fucka lets make america great again :)
  • Beautiful views and worth the work!
  • Hard one but well worth it
  • A lot of climbing, but big rewards!
  • Good short run. Lacks the elevation and views of other hikes. Still a should do if you''ve got the time.
  • There are two small portions of the trail that are steep, but don''t let that stop you from taking the hike. Our time to reach the lake was 3 hrs, but the hike out was only 1 1/2 hrs. Don''t assume that you are alone on the trails, we could smell a grizzly bear frequently. Bring a noise maker and bear spray along.
  • Loved the hike! Part of the trail has been washed out so there is no a mini creek where there was a path for a short distance. There has been a new rock slide since this was written, so descend carefully to the first lake. We camped between the 3rd and 4th lake, beautiful spot! was so poor! We had fly and regular rods with us. Very few bites and those that did hook were no more than 6" long. Similar feedback from other anglers in the area. Good thing we had brought noodles....!
  • Much more steep than anticipated.
  • Wildflower bird life and great hike!
  • It is completely ruined from the flood... You can''t even park in the parking lot!! We tried July 5/14.
  • There are too many irresponsible people who take their dogs on this trail and they are on the loose: ca nyou immagine if a grizzly appears? The dog will start barking, the bear will charge and someone will end up very bad including the bear probably shot by conservation officers. Somone has to take the initiative to disallow dogs on the trail first and make it very clear to the pubblic that we are the threat to the bears.

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