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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Amazing
  • Good for all skill levels - a doable epic grind for the novice ; or a nice 3-4 hour hike. Lots of variety of terrain; woods, scree, rock scramble, little waterfall.
  • Totally insane. I was with a hiking group having no idea what I had signed up for. I should have read this review before hand. I was so scared. I would go again if I had a wish for suicide. Thanks.
  • A little bit of everything involved
  • (Person Was Lost) This information was totally deceiving! The EASIEST way up the mountain IS NOT by going the west route! We tried this today and it was TREACHEROUS! The trail under the mountain rock face is a goat trail and SO DANGEROUS!!!! The trails are also not marked so we had to climb back up at one point to get to the east side where I knew the main SAFE trail to go down was!!! THE EASIEST way UP the mountain is by going up the main hiking trail to the east route!!! The Scree slope was so difficult and hazardous! Thank goodness the weather was good! Had it started to rain I am not sure that trail traversing the entire mountain at the base of the rock face would be doable! DO NOT RECOMMEND that the west side is the easiest way!! NOT TRUE!
  • :(
  • Loved this hike it was really fun. But going down was tough as there are so many small rocks. But it was worth it! The chain was fun but more challenging than I expected.
  • 7 hours return
  • Any athletic person can complete the hard route without much trouble. Bring water. If you are stopping frequently to view the sights, the round trip can take up to 6 hours
  • First time traversing a mountain! The scree was terrifying at first, but I got the hang of it. Will do it again!
  • Did not expect the chain section.
  • It''s very hard to stay on the right trail above the treeline
  • It''s not easier going the "climbers route" up the scree, its exhausting. Stopped and went back and did the whole thing the way the other 99% do it. Then missed the scree slope to come back down and ended up under the cliffs until we could get off via the climbers chute. Not recommended... Won''t be back soon. 08/01/2015
  • As a newbie I found it challenging and with spectacular views it will be a hike to be repeated every year or two for sure.
  • Hiking Yam is one of my all time favourite hikes ever.
  • Not a hike for small children
  • I have been on this hike 3 times now :) and I am actually leaving this morning for a 4th time :) I simply love this hike because of all the different features from the forest, to the rugged rock face to the beautiful views and of course to the 2 screes when coming back down and around this majestic mountain. Getting excited :)
  • Just right for a 74 year old visitor from the UK who is not sure of his abilities
  • Three groups could not find return trail. reserch trail maps ahead of time or go it the hard way as we did.
  • Great climb. Wear a helmet just in case.
  • Physically difficult but exceptional views and a lovely day overall. Highly recommended if you have 6 hours to spend
  • Amazing hike if you like a little bit if everything. Incredible views as well since you''re on the edge of the Rockies! Very impressed with this hike!!
  • A good variety of scramble, hike, scree and view with a very short drive from Calgary.
  • Great...although we got all the way to the chains...with some pretty tough scrambling...and then chickened out...maybe next time!!
  • Careful on the scramble!
  • The scramble is very exposed in spots and not for the weak of heart.

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