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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Great scramble. Be prepared and stay alert at all times.
  • The route is straight forward and some scrambling involve. It usualy good when condition is dry. the fresh snow can make condition more tricky and more careful and proper mountaineering skill, mountaineering boots not runner. Bring along with crampons and an ice axe. Warm clothing is essential it always cold on the summit. Turn back if weather start to deteriorate if you not at summit yer , especially if ice axe start buzzing PLAY SAFE
  • A very challenging hike ....its a must to be in shape because going almost all the way and having to turn back would be a real travisity
  • Not for the faint of heart, but you wont find a better bang for your buck!
  • The winding path leading to the base of the mountain was redundant. By the time I was on the mountain it was a sweet climb.

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