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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • We went mid May. It''s a beautiful area, quite lush and green. The path is wide and has easy footing. The falls were beautiful and we had the place to ourselves. There''s a great view to the valley from the falls. It''s short and easy walk, perfect for older generations too
  • Couldn''t find the proper route :( from the fork in the trail, went right fallen trees, unmaintained path. Then went upwards, got muddy suddenly also unmaintained path a little scary. Wasn''t able to complete the hike, turned around. I think this hike would be better in the summer once the snow has melted.
  • Nice pictures. Got lost on this hike but found the way. The view is amazing behind you at the waterfall.
  • It''s a short walk to the falls. Something to do after dinner.

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