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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • It has been 20 years, but this remains my favourite hike of all time.
  • Is this 4 - 5 hours round trip? please reply ;)
  • Not a great mountain pass, I''m a fussy local from banff town! Easy day hike,watch for bears.
  • After all this hype I was highly disappointed. Because of the road between glacier and myself and the "circus" happening the Icefield views did not impress.
  • For an out-and-back hike, this one is a pleasant one, as you end up above treeline in short order and the terrain is immense once you near the pass. Climbing is minimal, but keep an eye out for Grizzlies while hiking through the willow shrubs near the beginning. A lunch by the Brazeau River is a must.

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