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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • May 21, 2018, Just returned back home from this hike. The hike desperately needs to be marked!!! On my way up I was lucky enough to find scaarce orange stripes and small piles of stones, when I turned right on that "short incline", which looks rather like a small intersection? on the left of which you can pass to the Coral Creek lookout, and on the right of it is actually the beginning of the path with scramble up the short cliff. There is no problem to find your way through the woods until your pathway is reaching the 1st gorge (if you''re counting from the south tip of the Coral Ridge). After reaching that gorge I followed its way up to the very top, because it was the only natural orientir. When I approached treeles area on the top, it was obvious that I was at the top of the south facing end of the Coral ridge and then followed to see the Stelfox''s plaque and the sunning view of the Abraham lake! On my way down I got lost and was wandering in thick bushes for a while, all this due to poor marking (or, say, its absence) of the upper third of the hike. Anyway IT was amazing!
  • Pros: incredible views, abundant fossils on the ridge. Cons: EXTREMELY easy to get lost, trail is poorly marked
  • Easy to find on road but not the trail. After going to the gorge, I followed the same path, back to the top of horse trail, continued on up following red ribbons that took us more to the left, before I knew it there were no more ribbons and just a rock valley stream to follow up, by now it took me 4 hrs to get there, so I headed back dissapointed. More signs are needed, not confusing sentences of left & right turns.

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