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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • I hiked this at the beginning of September, 2016. The trail would benefit from a trail crew as the trail is badly eroded in some areas and has the potential to be very dangerous in slippery conditions. There was also some inconvenient dead fall from the burn a number of years ago. Otherwise it was a lovely hike and I will be back this summer. (2017)
  • 2016: Totally enjoyed the trail, canyon and waterfalls. This trail does not see an excess of human traffic and therefore there are no guardrails or platforms. Instead what a person gets is both the visual and aural experience of water carving through a narrow canyon. Well worthwhile.
  • 2012. Unless you''re a masochist or unless you have a specific purpose like climbing Mt Wilson or hiking the GDT, pass on this one, the deadfall is atrocious and if wet darned right dangerous. I fell of a log with my 40lb pack and missed spearing my neck artery on a tree snag by about an inch, I was on my own.

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