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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • We did this hike early August and made it to the lake in just under 9 hours with quite a few short breaks along the way. We clocked 17.2 km on the way in and stopped at the upper lake for the 1st night. We hiked the short distance to the lower lake for day 2. The trail is easy to lose if you’re not paying attention but there are some trail markers and multiple cairns built to help along the way. We did lose some time following the wrong path and had to backtrack after a 1/2 hr. Remember at the Y in the creek to stay to the left and you will be fine. Follow the creek bed all the way to the top and stay between the ridges as you ascent through the col. The upper lake will not really come into view until you descend to the bottom of the final ridge and make a right turn. It is a welcome sight at the end of a long hike!
  • Michele Lakes is the correct spelling for these beautiful Lakes. Research will confirm the spelling. What a great site you have created.
  • Attempted MAY 26 2018. Was unable to complete the hike due to snow pack. We were thwarted from traveling at creek-level in the section beyond the Mt. Wilson confluence due to high water and large sections still covered in a thick layer of snow. In some instances the creek was flowing underneath the snow & ice shelf. The creek bed was incredibly tricky to navigate and there were many washout/slide areas that could not be safely trekked at creek-level. As it was we were moderately scrambling to begin with, but in most of the cases in order to progress past bank washout sections and converging gullies we had to hike vertically and quite a ways in to the bush (and then back out to the creek). This added considerable time and a marked increase in effort to make time. We managed to get near where Owen creek begins to flatten, roughly 2.5km north of the Mt. Wilson confluence, when we got a vantage of the "meadows" and col and assessed that entire area as snow-covered; with the remaining section of the "creek drudge" being heavily snow-covered. Our assessment is that this hike is best attempted in July, August, or EARLY September (pursuant with usable daylight hours). I misjudged the possibility of how much snow may still be lingering -high in the mountains- even in late spring. We had a lot of fun though, views are great, and you''ll have the world to yourself. Had a shotgun though just in the event of coming across a bear or cougar.
  • I tried this trail back in September of 2016. The biggest takeaway I can give you is to not get disheartened if the trail disappears and you cant find it any more. This happened to me, and I attempted to the nearest high point to get my bearings. It wasted a lot of time. Stick to the creek and you will make it to the lakes. Also, about three quarters of the way up, you will find where two creeks join to make the creek you have been following, I suggest you go on the west most leg as it looks like a more scenic route than the eastern creek, which stays in dense trees.

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