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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • It could be more estheticly(sic) pleasing by getting rid of the chain fencing and making it more natural with rock etc. It''s very depressing.
  • I worked at the restaurant for Joe and Roxanne Shuey in 1967-8 and had a blast. The old pool was still there at the time and it served it''s purpose for many years but time for change and the new location is better....easier access. Yes, it certainly was one of my more memorable highlights!
  • It is not ruins of a old hotel but in fact the ruins of the original Miette Hot springs pool that closed in 1984 and was built during the depression as a government make work project. There was never a hotel on that site.
  • My husband and I go several times every year and have seen it all. From snow falling on us while we were in the hot pool to rain and lightening at another time. Always staff are the best
  • Sulfer skyline
  • Restore the old ruins give the site character and history the new facility has no character. Make it like Banff lower hot springs.
  • Stayed in the cabins at the resort later in June. It was a wonderful experience in a beautiful area!
  • No hot spring pictures
  • We go every year and it''s always wonderful. It started with our honeymoon and now we go back for our anniversary each year. My only complaint is the prices. We go every day for nearly a week and it would be nice if they could offer some sort of deal when you go that often.
  • Amazing, go every year and it never gets old!

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