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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Shell may be an eyesore but these installations pay for your schools, hospitals etc ...and the maintenance of K country so you can enjoy it...wake up
  • Very difficult bike ride to the base and the way down from the cave can be very dangerous if you do not follow the markers. But the Ice Caves were an experience worth the risk. Great trip, don''t regret the effort it took to get there.
  • A fun day hike to a cool destination! Pun intended :-)
  • Cave is very cool and worth walking down the road.
  • The instructions on how to get to the caves are rough and missing vital information
  • Other then the long walk to get there, the cave is awesome. Oh and just cause it looks like there is a dead end, don''t be fooled lol. U can go deep into the mountain.
  • I lived in Calgary in the early 90''s and this was a favorite hike after dinner at the Bragg Creek Steak Pit. Even in summer there were some ice crystals on the walls toward the back. The drive from Calgary in fall was a spectacular vista of evergreens and Aspen.
  • All the gas wells drilled in this area are sour gas wells, contain H2S. This is the reason non work related vehicles are not allowed in the area. I worked on the final well completion below the cave in the old parking lot. I doubt anymore will be drilled though, I love Moose Mountain, hiking around there, heading deep into the caves is a thrill, beyond dark once in as far as you can go. Canyon Creek is great, watch out for the other side of Moose as sulphur naturally seeps into the creeks and small pockets of natural gas bubble to surface (completely natural but still flammable).
  • Have not been there in over 20 years. Was disappointed with the road being closed. Very disappointed with the garbage and spray paint in the cave.
  • Went there on last Saturday. Love the cave. The first 5k on the road were not so exiting but the actual ascent to the cave was quite a challenge for me since I''ve never done something like this, but I want to do ot again some day.
  • What a hike...two fifty plus guys huffing and puffing...we made it...start to finish about 4 hours...I would do it again in a heart beat
  • It is depressing to know that people on quads and off road trucks are constanly being told that their areas to play are to be shut down and how we are ruining the forests, yet anyone with money can come in and deforest and build gas plants wherever they feel like.
  • It would be much better if not for the sour gas smell and the fact that most of the walk is on a closed road.
  • The road in is very boring but the Ice cave is really nice. Bring your bike for the long road approach.

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