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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • I did this hike by chance after visiting Lake Moraine the first time in 2013, since then I''ve made an effort to get back there every year. It is a special place and a definite must see/do when in the Lake Louise area.
  • Good workout and absolutely awesome views
  • A beautiful experience
  • Stunning - loved it.
  • Would highly recommend this hike! It only took us 4 hours. We did it on September 29th and the larches were beautifully golden :) There are lots of switchbacks, so the incline isn''t too intense.
  • One of Alberta''s best hikes on a clear day.
  • Not as hard up the final ascent as you think it will be.
  • Picture perfect setting! Amazing views of the lakes and mountains!
  • Not quite so high as Mt. Fairview but with stunning views of the peaks surrounding Moraine Lake and all the yellow larch trees along the valley. The route up to the pass follows a moderate grade for most of the way with the elevation gain from Moraine Lake to the summit of the pass at more than 2,000 ft. The final ascent from the north end of the valley to the pass summit becomes steep but it is a relatively short ascent. The pass saddle is quite narrow but offers a place to relax and ponder the views to the south and to the north.
  • A must hike when the larches turn color
  • The valley was much more impressive than Sentinel Pass, I found the pass to be a bit of a let down after seeing the gorgeous flame coloured trees!
  • We had a lovely walk up to sentinel pass with our five sons aged 9 to 15 :-)
  • Need to be in shape as those 1st switchbacks will get ya''
  • Spectacular

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