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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Memorable!
  • Spectacular hike!! Viola... summer "2017"
  • Lots of tourists. The hike up is brutal on a hot day
  • Great.
  • We saw bears, deer, marmots, fox, and birds.
  • Nice hike with beautiful vistas of the lake, hotel, and ski area looking across Bow Valley. Glacial views are also excellent, particularly from viewpoint past Tea House.
  • Worth every breath…
  • Rewarding hike! First time we''ve seen avalanche from a distance! Lentil soup and chocolate cake was good at the tea house! The view past the tea house is a bonus you get much closer to the mountains but proceed with caution especially if trail has some snow!
  • Coming from Europe I''m used to chalets with their own special charm. Something I often missed in Canadian chalets. But not here! Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House was one of the most meomorable places on my four week trip to Canada and is defenetly among the reasons why I''ll be comeing back! Luckily Banff Tea House ships tea to europe as well too keep the time short, till I can be back there sitting on the porch drinking one of the best teas I ever had in an extraordinary environment!
  • Nice compilation of photos. Really shows the whole picture.
  • This is my favourite.
  • The tea house was so quaint! The extra hike beyond the tea house was the most difficult, but the waterfall and view worth every step!
  • Truly breathtaking! Well worth the hike.
  • Greatest day of my life!
  • Impressive hike
  • Friggin brutal.....
  • This Is a great trail and a beautiful hike. My girlfriend and I completed the roud trip in 4 hours with a lengthy time at the top enjoying the view. We also hiked the extra 1.3km to the viewing point. Some of the trail can be quite steep and rocky at times. Do not attempt this trail without proper hiking footware and lots of water.
  • Magestic! The chocolate cake and tea at the tea house was a nice reward for the long trek - we will be back!
  • Make sure to go beyond the tea house back toward the glacier - about 1.4 km - you get a cool view of Abbot''s hut from here and get up nice and snug to the glaciers - worth the extra time.
  • This hike was alot harder than described. We had to cross over moving water and rocks and also across a large area of snow. Proper enclosed foot wear should be worn. It also took 6 hours round trip, not 3.
  • Plain of 6 Glaciers tea house is extraordinary, unique and well worth the hike. This is a must for everyone that visits Banff National Park.
  • I completed the hike easily in 3 hours. I'm 50 years old and would consider myself in moderate to good shape.
  • Your estimate of the length of time for the trip is misleading. The books I have say the hike is 6.6 km one way. Even with the modest elevation gain, that is a lot more than 3 hours round trip. A note from "Hiking the Rockies with kids" would be useful here. "Although the trail is completely safe if treated with respect, it''s deceptively easy beginnig deceives hikers who do not take hiking seriously. Inadequate clothing can result in hypothermia; fooling around on the snow that often crosses the trail on open slopes can lead to a quick, one-way trip to the valley bottom." With those cautions in mind, it is one of the most spectacular trails in the Rockies, and I wish I had attempted it years earlier than I did.
  • Not a very hard hike but very popular and gets busy but it is worth doing and the tea and scones are great.
  • It was great, I had a nice nic hike!
  • To enjoy this beautiful trail make sure to go when the trail is completely free of snow.
  • Only comment to makeis to include the year with the month the pictures were taken, you have June but a specific year should be stated as web pages age.
  • A MUST do! Very easy and rewarding.
  • It was one of the highlights of our trip to the Canadian Rockies! A challenge for Central Illinois, USA residents...but fabulous and memorable, indeed. Then we topped it off with homemade bread and jam and green tea! Lovely!

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