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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Best hike in the Rockies.
  • Great "Bang for the Buck"! The photo shown below do not do it justice. Easy for all hiking levels.
  • Nice overview! I''ve stopped a few times at the Hilda Ridge parking lot to look at plants, need to try to go up the trail! A couple of notes- the flower you have labelled as Western Anemone, is actually a Dryas sp- probably D octopetala or integrifolia- I can''t see the leaves well enough; Rose family; The one labelled as Alpine Buttercup is not in that family, rather mustard/cress family, and is probably a Draba species. The unlabelled plant farther up with the inflated seed pods is probably Oxytropis podocarpa, and I''m sure you already knew the other unlabelled plant, with the fuzzy ''pussywillows'' is a willow/Salix species. :)
  • I love this hike, I do it every couple of years. only takes 30-40 min to the top. Spent 4 hours exploring the area last time.
  • Perhaps THE best short hike in all of the Rockies. Great views. Do it!
  • Easy hike with great views of the surrounding area.

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