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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • Nice hike for beginners lots of flat with some up and down. Glacier was really spectacular sight as well as the waterfall on the way.
  • Tried to find out more of the history of the icefields area fom Banff to Jasper. This article was fantastic and has me looking for more.
  • Hike only part way in, stayed safe!
  • Hiked in and out along the southerly route. Spectacular!
  • Trail very sketchy, easy to lose. Sometimes walking on rocks is hard on feet/legs. Scenery is incredible, especially the many waterfalls and cascades on north and south canyon walls. It''s worth it.
  • I hated the white writing on white background
  • Minimal elevation gain allows you more energy. Great rocks out there. Beautiful scenery in every direction.

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