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Campground Comments and Reviews:

  • We did this hike with a large group of people. The trail head is literally right across the road from elbow falls so without too much difficulty we were off. I would definitely say this is a challenging and difficult hike if you aren’t a regular hiker or if you’re in mediocre shape like myself. During the hike I considered turning back but everyone coming down said the view is worth it. So we pushed on. The view is definitely worth the climb! Definitely want to have hiking shoes or boots. Just sneakers would likely not be enough grip. It’s pretty much a straight incline the entire hike so hiking poles might make it easier. None of us had them and we managed so it’s up to the individual.
  • Good views. Somewhat of a steep hike
  • We took the loop route back down (West side) longer but nicer.
  • Very good workout rewarded with a nice view.
  • Quite the workout with a fairly drastic climb.
  • I am 72 years old in October 2015. I have hiked Prairie Mountain as well as Moose mountain for the past 6 years every year. I just did it July 3/2015 at 30 degrees. Excellent workout and view.
  • Just did this hike today. Great challenge for an out-of-shape 50 yr old. 90 minutes up and then saved knees (yup, it is steep up) by coming down ridge to creek to Prairie Creek trail just past summit. Definitely beautiful!
  • A tough hike for an inexperienced hiker, but worth the climb as the views are spectacular! the trail is well maintained.
  • Very steep!
  • Great conditioning hike to prepare for those higher peaks to the west. Great views on a clear day.
  • Definitely a leg worker but worth the hike, the scene at the top is phenomenal.
  • Good hike. Ascends very quickly. The peak has lots of space, and has a spectacular view. About 3.5 hrs avg, round trip. We couldn''t find the trailhead, but it''s right off Hwy 66 about 100m West of the Elbow Falls parking lot on the opposite side. Don''t get confused with Prairie Creek trail. The mountain is much more rewarding!
  • It was my first time on this hike, I am from Edmonton. I used spikes on the way down, they helped a lot with the snow & ice. My legs are sure feeling it today. A very experianced & patient friend took me along, he has done it over 100 times! I would like to try this hike in the summer.I am an active 50 year old but not a regular hiker.
  • Great trip all year around!
  • Good shoulder season warm up.
  • Even though it''s a pretty short hike, you get some really awesome views at the top and along the way. It is kind of steep, so certainly a good work out for inexperienced hikers.
  • Gruelling!!!

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