Rating Campgrounds One To Five



Ratings:    1 to  5    Sites: RV & Tent


Campgrounds on AlbertaWow have been rated from (1) being terrible, to (5) being excellent.
A terrible #1 rating would indicate the campground is poorly kept, noisy, bad location, filthy washrooms, looks forgotten with no amenities at all. An excellent #5 rating would indicate a nicely kept campground in a scenic setting with several amenities.

Regarding cleanliness, facilities, noise control and sense of security, most campgrounds in Alberta do fairly well. The national and most provincial parks are known for their good maintenance and family oriented camp sites.

Sites RV & Tent: Most Campgrounds offer campsites for both RV's and Tents. However there are several "Tents Only" campgrounds, most of these are located in the backcountry and require a backcountry permit. Backcountry permits can be purchased online for the National Parks or Alberta Parks.