Rating Hikes One To Five



  Ratings:    1 to  5  


The hikes on AlbertaWow have been rated from (1) being dull and mundane to (5) being absolutely beautiful, unforgettable and well worth the effort.

Level Descriptions

Level: Easy, Moderate or Difficult

An easy hike may be considered more of a walk on gentle hills along a hard packed trail over a short distance. 2 hours or less.

A moderate hike may cover steep terrain, muddy sections, scree, loose gravel with lots of elevation gain and distance. Generally can be completed in under 3 to 4 hours.

A difficult hike may require route finding skills, use of hands, be technically challenging over steep terrain with considerable elevation gain and distance. A difficult level certainly requires proper footwear, clothing, water, etc. and would likely not be completed unless one is in good physical condition. 6+ hours.

Levels on AlbertaWow are based on a person in good shape who exercises regularly on long distance outings. If you can hike 20 kilometer's return with an elevation gain of 800 meters, than you will find this rating system accurate. Everyone's level of fitness and suffering varies considerably. Never be afraid to turn around or head back if you think you're in over your head.

There a several scrambles and alpine climbs shown on AlbertaWow. These are all indicated within their descriptions. Both these activities require alpine mountaineering experience.