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6 to 8 hours / 14K return

Elevation Gain



Trailhead: Park at the Peyto Lake parking lot located on the west side of the Icefields Parkway approximately 42kms north of Lake Louise. Banff National Park.


Description: This is an unofficial trail and not designated. It follows a climbers route towards the Wapta Icefields. It should not be attempted if snow lies on the access slope below Peyto Peak. Traversing this short section of the route risks a fatal fall over Caldron Falls. Best attempted in late July or August when the slope is dry.

Locate the trailhead a few meters past the Peyto Lake lookout. Follow it down towards Peyto Lake. Once you reach the lake stay left on the flats heading towards the treed terminal moraine straight ahead.

Locate the trail again on the left hand side of the narrows and follow it a short distance over the treed moraine until it drops back down onto the flats. Work your way along the flats at the same time looking for a safe way to cross the outwash of the Peyto Glacier. Expect to get your feet wet. Its worth the effort to carry an extra pair of lightweight shoes for the crossing. There used to be a log bridge at the end of the flats however it was washed out years ago and has not been replaced.

Another option is to cross the braided stream where it enters Peyto Lake then stay right of the narrows but this entails bush whacking, bolder hoping and exposed eroded slopes. Once you cross the outwash head towards the right side lateral moraine that leads up to the bottom slopes of Peyto Peak. After a short elevation gain cross the small stream coming from Caldron Falls. As you gain elevation up the west lateral moraine the Peyto Glacier and Wapta Icefields come into view. Beautiful Caldron Falls keeps you company as you continue climbing the moraine.

This Is Bear Country.

Bow Valley Parkway Map PDF

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Mark Townsend

If you’re looking for solitude this is the hike. Peyto Glacier views are outstanding. If the short steep slope above Caldron Falls is snow covered don’t continue on.

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