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Location: 13kms south of Highwood Station on gravel road #54A that intersects the #40. Kananaskis Trail highway. 64kms southwest of Longview. Kananaskis Country.


Description: Cataract Creek Campground contains 102 campsites for RV’s and tents. Larger RV’s need be careful here. There are a few tight loop turns with several tress showing trailer scrapes. Amenities include dry toilets, hand operated water pump, garbage bins, picnic tables and fire pits. Dry firewood is available here for sale.

The campground is located within a somewhat unusual lodge pole pine forest. The initial 7meters of a lodge pole pine is a bare pole with it’s branches starting higher up on the tree. This allows you to see a long way and you can easily walk for miles on a beautiful cushioned pine needle covered ground. You won’t forget the experience of hiking through a lodge pole pine forest and this is one of the finest.

There’s a small hill located in the center of the campground with a deck and sitting bench located on top that offers nice views of the surrounding area. I’m sure children will enjoy playing here. Cataract Creek runs crystal clear and is home to wild Cutthroat Trout. You’ll need a fishing license to try your luck. Highwood Station is located 13kms north of here at the Kananaskis Trail turn off. Gas, diesel, limited grocery, sani dump and water are available.

Night skies here rank #3 on the Bortle ScaleThis is bear country, food and food related items must be stored properly.

Cataract Creek Campground Layout Map PDF

Highwood Cataract Creek Map PDF

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Mark Townsend

Nice campground however several kms of gravel road access.

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