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Easy Lake Side


1 hour / 2.5K return

Elevation Gain



Trailhead: Park at the Chateau Lake Louise parking lot at Lake Louise. Banff National Park.


Description: The Canadian Pacific Hotel Chateau Lake Louise is located here on the east shore of the Lake. Views of Lake Louise, Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria and the Victoria Glacier are stunning. The Lake itself is a blue green color that is created from glacial silt. Some call it a Turquoise color but I find the color of all the Glacier fed lakes in this area indescribable. Depending on the time of day and the sunlight the color is constantly changing.

Canoes are available here for rent. You can paddle the entire Lake in a couple of hours. There is a nicely groomed trail that winds along the Lakes north Shore. This trail also leads to the Plain of Six Glaciers and the Lake Louise Tea House that are well worth the effort. Mountain climbers also access Mount Victoria, Abbot Pass and Abbot Hut from this trail.

The Lake Louise route up to Abbot Pass is nicknamed the Deathtrap due to avalanche, falling rock, falling ice and hidden crevasses near the top of the pass. Interesting to note that Philip Stanley Abbot was killed trying to summit Mount Lefroy in 1896 which was recorded as the first mountaineering fatality in north America.

Lake Louise is also good for fishing Lake Trout. You’ll need a National Park fishing license to try out your luck. I heard a story that someone here in early December witnessed the entire Lake freeze over in a matter of minutes. Not sure if this is true but it would be a rare and beautiful sight. This Is Bear Country.

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Shuttle bus access only during summer months.

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