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Location: Park in the Reynolds Alberta Museum parking lot 2kms west of Wetaskiwan on the #13 highway. Central Alberta.


Description: World renowned for it’s extensive transportation, automotive, motor cycle, aviation, agriculture and industry vehicles. There are more then 350 vehicles and over 70 vintage aircraft along with a 1000+ pieces of agricultural equipment. You can also view the ongoing restoration work that is taking place in a large open garage.

Visitors have access to several interactive displays explaining the mechanics and operation of all sorts of engines and mechanical devices. The museum offers guided tour rides around the exterior grounds where you can view several jet engine aircraft, agricultural equipment and huge steam shovels.

There’s a gift shop, restaurant and publication resource center located inside the museum. Stan Reynolds was mainly credited for the start of this museum as he donated over 1500 artifacts to the Province of Alberta between 1982 and 1986. Stan Reynolds owned the local car dealership and accumulated his collection of vehicles, farm equipment and aircraft by taking these in trade for cars.

Several other individuals and organizations have also donated to this growing collection. Wiki has a good list of all the items located in the Reynolds Alberta Museum. Allow at least 2 hours to tour the museum.

Reynolds Museum Homepage

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5.0Very Good
Mark Townsend

Incredible collection of…well everything. I found this to be the best museum I’ve ever seen.

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